Soya Mills sustainability


Compliance with norms and values is of major importance for "Soya Mills SA", not merely for our people, but also for all our social partners. We strive to respond responsibly to global demand for agricultural products and food in general, always giving sustainable value throughout the production chain, from farmer to consumer.

The international population growth both in quantitative and qualitative terms is remarkable, while food demand is concurrently increasing. According to the United Nations, food production will need to increase by 70% by 2050 in order to meet the world’s needs.

Source: FAO, Statistics Division (FAOSTAT).

However, farmland is limited. Therefore, its best possible utilization, based on scientific methods for maximum yield per hectare, is essential. Similar utilization is necessary for the remaining natural resources affecting production, such as sun and soil. Having realized this challenge, we fully support a dynamic and sustainable economy in a fertile environment and a community having economic opportunities. For this purpose, we improve our operating activities and are actively cooperating with farmers and other partners involved in the production chain, in order to preserve natural resources and promote best practices in agricultural production and environmental protection. Our Company is the first to have complied with the RED Cert sustainability standard.