"Soya Mills SA" has recently completed forty-five years of continuous success. Since its establishment in 1970, the route has been characterized by a sustained effort to improve and progress.

1950 Two refugees from Asia Minor, Ilias Iliadis and Aristotle Ofloudis, experienced in the field of cereal, founded the company ‘Elaiourgia & Vamvakourgia Thessalonikis”, one of the biggest in the cotton processing industry, which was quickly recognized both in the Greek and international markets.

1970 Twenty years later, having perceived the requirements of the market, the two successful entrepreneurs established the first industry processing soy beans in Greece, under the name "Soya Mills S.A.".

1974 Inauguration of the company's factories in Kalamaki Corinth, with modern, state-of-the-art port facilities. This marks the beginning of an era of smooth supply of soy meal to Greek livestock.

1988 Marina Ofloudis - Giavroglou, daughter of Aristotle Ofloudis, assumes command of the company as CEO. The company starts to bottle and distribute in Greece and abroad its first packaged seed oil, a soybean oil under the name of “Lambero”, a label later adopted by the entire seed oil family.

1990 SOYA MILLS expands its activities adding to its product list more seed oils (corn oil, sunflower oil) as well as cereals (maize, wheat, barley, oats, etc.).

1991 The Cereal Drying & Storage Unit in Chryssochori, Kavala is inaugurated

1997 The international certification body TUV AUSTRIA certifies the Company’s development and implementation of its quality assurance system in all areas of production and marketing, in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9002 standard.

2000 The Company buys out an existing Olive Oil Company and renames it into "Hellenic Fine Oils SA” (H. F. O.). The new company operates in packaged olive & seed oils, as well as in delicatessen products.

2002 TUV Austia certifies SOYA MILLS under the Critical Control Point system (HACCP).

2005 A new investment in Neochorouda, Thessaloniki is complete. This includes the development of a site for origination, storage and distribution of cereals, proteins and oil products.

2006 A new subsidiary company focusing on the organization and distribution of agricultural products is established in Bulgaria, at privately owned premises.

2008 A brand new biodiesel producing plant commences its operations in Sousaki, Corinth.

At present SOYA MILLS acts as an important player in the Greek food and animal-feed industries. Its various distinctions at production and commercial level render it as one of the country’s leading industries.