Financial Statements


In recent years, the people of "Soya Mills SA" proceeded to significant achievements. Initially they modernized production processes and the company's laboratories and obtained the international quality certificate ISO 9002. They expanded the markets for their products, they increased exports significantly and they have also proceeded to important investments. The results of these successful efforts are reflected in the data describing the financial performance of the company in recent years and show a parallel and steady growth in turnover and profitability of the business. The development of SOYA MILLS will not stop here, since the investments planned for the coming years will further broaden the range of its activities. All aforementioned actions of the Company consolidate its international presence in the food and agricultural raw materials’ sectors. The company's turnover exceeds 200 million Euro, Assets 90 million Euro, and Equity 40 million Euro. Nowadays, SOYA MILLS is included in the Country’s thirty largest industries and in the ten largest ones in the food sector.