Olive Oils

Olive oil, as a basic ingredient of nutrition, has always been a source of multiple benefits to the human body. Its beneficial properties in the cardiovascular system, the body shielding against cancer, as well as the maintenance of low cholesterol levels are only a few of the scientifically proven advantages. Greece, thanks to suitable climate, soil, but also its great sunshine, offers ideal conditions for growing olives of exceptional aroma and taste. For this reason, 75% of Greek olive oil production is of excellent quality (extra virgin olive oil).

Soya Mills offers the following products in this category:

  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Refined Olive Oil
  • Refined Pomace Olive Oil

These products are sold in bulk, in drums of 200 kg and in 1 MT IBC. Transportation takes place by trucks, trains and ships.

The global production of olive oil annually reaches 3,000,000 tons. The largest producer of olive oil is the European Union, which produces about two thirds of the world’s production. Greece is the third largest producing country in the world (following Spain and Italy) with a strong export business, globally.

SOYA MILLS, as part of its strategic goal for its entry into the market of consumer goods and retail, created in 2000 a subsidiary company called«Hellenic Fine Oils SA». The activities of this new company include the standardization & packaging of olive oils, seed oils, and related delicatessen products (inter alia olives, olive paste, aromatic olive oil, sun dried tomatoes and balsamic vinegar). It is worth noting that “Hellenic Fine Oils SA" has been the first company to have adopted glass packaging, driven by the concepts of hygiene and safe maintenance of its products. With over 50 products nowadays, the company supplies the Greek and international markets by means of exporting (to Europe, America, Japan, China etc). “Hellenic Fine Oils SA" shares the vision of its mother company "Soya Mills SA" for consistent high quality, whilst focusing on our national product, extra virgin olive oil.