• According to a survey of "ICAP Group" (2012), in a sample of 27,314 companies, "Soya Mills SA" occupies the third place among the 500 largest companies in terms of their turnover that are chaired by a lady CEO . Despite the prolonged recession in Greece, SOYA MILLS ranks in the 200 biggest companies on the basis of their turnover for the business year 2011, as shown in a research note published by Hellastat. Companies operating in the energy sector, as well as .the financial and retail sectors occupy the highest positions in aforementioned list.
  • SOYA MILLS was included in ICAP’s “Strongest Companies in Greece” Group, being one of the most powerful companies in the Country, ready to face the continuously changing environment, verifying its strong credit score (2010 ICAP Certificate)
  • Due to its strategy and indeed the momentum that the Company had developed in recent years, SOYA MILLS excelled in a piece of research carried out by Stat Bank (Information Bank for the Economy and Businesses) in 2009, as one of the “champions” of the Greek industry and commerce (7th place). In particular, Stat Bank used a sample of 5,000 production and trading enterprises and indicated the 100 fastest growing companies in a “healthy” manner, which observed higher expectations to resist pressures by the economic downturn.
  • SOYA MILLS was awarded by ACCI for its business activity in the 14th annual event "Awards 2009".
  • Statbank’s annual 2007 survey, ranked SOYA MILLS in the 13th position of the 91 most dynamic and healthy growing industrial companies in the country. The sample included 2,500 companies, whilst ranking was held under 10 classification criteria, the most important being turnover.