Vision - Mission - Values

"Soya Mills SA" aspires to establish itself internationally as a company whose name will be synonymous with consistency and high product quality.

To work together with all interested parties and invest in the entire spectrum of the rural community in order to create sustainable values through the application of modern, scientific and technological practices.


  • Business ethics
    The Company’s "fair business" modus operandi, has developed long-term trust-based relationships with its various partners.
  • High quality products and services
    SOYA MILLS’s primary concern is the production of high quality products as well as the preservation of highest quality standards at all levels of activity.
  • Responsible and continuous improvement
    The Company successfully harmonizes tradition with innovation and leadership. This is achieved through immediate adoption of new methods, practices and up-to-date techniques. A true pioneer in its sector, SOYA MILLS adopted the RED Cert sustainability standard.
  • Adapting to market imperatives
    The Company’s operational activities walk alongside the needs of both Greek and international markets, always adhering to all required certifications for the entire range of procedures.
  • Spirit of cooperation
    SOYA MILLS invests in its people and the development of their skills, by means of promoting the qualities of emulation & cooperation among them.
  • Solidarity
    The Company displays special sensitivity to social issues relating to our fellowmen, and for this reason it often participates in activities and events in this context.