Other Products

Soya Mills’ products that do not belong to the aforementioned four main categories are the following:

These products are available in drums of 200 kg and 1 MT IBC’s. They are transported by truck.



Fatty acids

The refining process of edible oils results in the creation of fatty acids as a by-product. Fatty acids from seed oils and olive oils exhibit a wide range of technical and non-technical uses.


Linseed oil (linoleum)

Linoleum is produced through the processing of linseeds . Depending on the variety of the seed, it may be suitable for technical and non-technical uses. SOYA MILLS, offering its “ILOZA” excellent quality brand, has been a leader in the packaged business of linoleum for technical use for more than 60 years. Typically, linoleum is used in the painting business, since exhibits a tendency for the oil to polymerize easily and to obtain a solid form, thus contributing to the preparation of high quality paints.