Development of Argicultural Production

Primary agricultural production is essential for the production of all final products resulting from processing, be that food, animal feed or technical use products. The "Soya Mills SA" Group has been supporting the development of sustainable agriculture, for more than 60 years. Through its network of facilities for collecting oilseeds and cereals it assists farmers in planning production, minimize costs and increase yields. By means of maintaining long-term relationships with them, SOYA MILLS helps farmers to reap the maxima from their crops.

With an active role in all areas we operate, we provide essential services to farmers and guarantee fair prices prices for their products. Programs offering pre-financing, transportation from fields to silos and immediate repayment, all add value to the farming community. Finally, Soya Mills has in recent years also been offering Contractual Agriculture programs, which provide a guaranteed minimum income to producers well before harvest time. SOYA MILLS is a reliable partner for producers, guaranteeing distribution of their produce with the best possible results.

SOYA MILLS currently offers programs for the following crops:

  • RAPE

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